Bosii’s Flowers:
London’s Premier Online Florist

Welcome to Bosii’s Flowers, a family-owned business with a rich legacy of over 20 years in the floristry industry in London. We are not just florists, but artists who specialize in online flower delivery, committed to providing our customers with only the finest floral arrangements and gifts.

Freshness Guaranteed with Every Bouquet

At Bosii’s Flowers, we prioritize freshness above all. We guarantee that our flowers are always fresh and vibrant, ensuring you receive high-quality, long-lasting flowers. Our meticulous selection process and careful arrangement of the freshest flowers allow us to deliver bouquets that are as beautiful as they are enduring.

Veaceslav Bosii

Florist, co-founder

Cristina Bosii

Florist, Founder

A Wide Selection of Flowers for Every Occasion

We offer an extensive range of flower options, from traditional bouquets to unique and personalized arrangements. Our collection caters to every gifting occasion throughout the year, including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Whether you're seeking fresh, seasonal blooms or contemporary compositions, Bosii's Flowers has you covered.

Expertise in Floral Arrangements

Our team at Bosii’s Flowers is well-versed and experienced in the art of flower arrangement. We leverage our expertise to create stunning, high-quality floral arrangements tailored to your needs. Whether you’re in search of a classic bouquet or a more unique, personalized arrangement, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible product.

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How we start our business

Why should Bosii’s Flowers be your favorite florist in London?

Free Flower Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of our flower delivery service without worrying about a minimum order. We believe in making our beautiful flowers accessible to everyone.

Always Fresh Flowers

We guarantee the freshness of our flowers. Each bouquet is carefully crafted with flowers at their peak, ensuring you receive the most vibrant and long-lasting arrangements.

Only Luxury Arrangements

Our arrangements are more than just flowers, they’re a luxury experience. Each bouquet is thoughtfully designed by expert florists to create a stunning display that’s sure to impress.

Caring with L❤️ve

We’ve mastered the art of caring for flowers and creating luxurious arrangements. Our love for flowers shines through in every bouquet we deliver.